Integrations, training, ecommerce and consulting. We add value to your MailChimp marketing.

We would love to help you with MailChimp. Our aim is to make your email marketing as simple and effective as possible. From integrating e-commerce with MailChimp to teaching you how to best use MailChimp, we'll help.

We do the following (and more):

  • Training: Public, online and in-house MailChimp classes including e-commerce integration courses.
  • Integrations: Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics, Xero and other MailChimp Integrations.
  • E-commerce: We'll get your customer & sales data into MailChimp from Shopify and WooCommerce. We then setup automated marketing to increase your sales.
  • Consulting: Personalised service and consulting to help understand what you can achieve with MailChimp and how to implement the best solution.

Our clients range from small businesses, politicians, government departments and charities through to some of the worlds leading brands.

We're based in Australia and work with our many clients in U.S.A., England, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and other countries.

Large or small projects, we'll add value to your marketing efforts.


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- 03/09/2017

Gary ran a terrific class. Everything we needed to get up and running properly. Very easy to understand.


- 02/28/2017

Really enjoyed my Training with Gary. Learnt heaps. Gary was great, easy to understand and very informative


- 02/08/2017

Gary was very informative & helpful. I am excited to apply all the new techniques I have learnt.


- 02/02/2017

Gary was excellent to work with. Even though I have been using Mail Chimp for many years now, Gary was able to add to my knowledge and explain everything extra I needed to know. He answered all my questions and was even able to go through and explain an update Mail Chimp had done the day before.

Thanks Gary.

I would recommend Gary and his training to anyone looking to learn how to use Mail Chimp and also to anyone who wants to ensure they are using all of Mail Chimps functions and using them effectively.


- 12/16/2016

The course was set at a relaxed pace so there was plenty of time for questions and problem shooting. Coffee was good too! Thanks again, Cass.


- 12/15/2016

The session run by Gary was excellent. Run on a small scale so flow of questions and instructions was clear and concise. Went through all the elements of MailChimp that I needed to know, including lots of shortcuts. Would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about email marketing campaigns.


- 12/08/2016

For an older person Gary was great. A well presented training covering all we needed to need. I found Gary very helpful and patient in his very informative training. Diane Cannan SARVRA


- 11/24/2016

Gary was excellent. His instructions throughout the training were clear and easy to follow, and his manner was kind and encouraging. We're grateful for being able to learn from him, as we're sure it will help us grow our business and those of our clients. Thanks again Gary!


- 11/14/2016

Gary was great, Really informative, using simple explanations and demonstrations to describe the processes of MailChimp. He answered all questions with ease for every person attending, covering all specific requirements for each business representative.


- 11/10/2016

Gary's course was well worth it. What I thought was going to be a challenging task to create a newsletter turned out to be so simple and along the way I could see other uses for MailChimp. Thanks, Gary!


- 10/14/2016

Gary was great! Professional, informative and responsive. He was the better live version of the MailChimp knowledge base. He addressed all my "specific" questions and provided many insights that I would have not known about otherwise and also pointed me in the right direction to take advantage of all of the potential of Mailchimp. I highly recommend him.


- 10/12/2016

Gary was amazing to work with, he really knew his stuff. Very informative and simple. Thanks GARY!!!


- 09/12/2016

I had a basic knowledge of Mailchimp going into the training and now feel I have a thorough understanding of what Mailchimp can do and how it can help our email marketing strategy.

Gary the trainer was professional, informative and very helpful. He checked he was going at the correct pace for his audience and answered any question he was given.

I highly recommend him. Many thanks.


- 09/10/2016

Gary was really helpful, and insightful to the needs of our Organisation and how Mailchimp could help us. I hadn't ever used Mailchimp and he showed us right through the basics and into all the more advanced stuff. Had a great time, and his insights and tips on general ecommerce was also helpful. Thanks Gary !


- 08/04/2016

As a newbie to email campaigns and Mailchimp, I found Gary Ekstein's course comprehensive and clearly presented. After only 3 hours, I feel confident in using Mailchimp to communicate effectively with my customers and produce professionally presented emails with high open and click rates.

You will come away with Mailchimp tips relevant to your business, and produce the best targeted and personalized emails to grow your customer base.

Highly recommended.


- 08/02/2016

I attended Gary's session with a basic knowledge of Mail Chimp and left much more confident. Learnt some different ways to do things and explored other areas of Mail Chimp. Thanks Gary. Great Session.


- 06/15/2016

Gary conducted a one-on-one training session with me this morning, and I now feel confident that I will be able to create informative, relevant and successful Mailchimp campaigns. Bearing in mind that I have never used Mailchimp before, Gary explained the processes very clearly and concisely, guiding me through the whole process.

Thank you, Gary. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who might be interested in learning more about Mailchimp!


- 05/28/2016

Thanks Gary for a clear explanation of what MailChimp is all about. I look forward to pressing 'that' button.


- 05/21/2016

As a newbie to learning email marketing and attending Gary's workshop, I can honestly say that I have now a much better understanding of how everything goes together and love the idea of automation. I highly recommend anyone seeking information on how to use MailChimp to attend one of Gary's expert workshops.

It is well worth it!


- 05/20/2016

Having already been using mail chimp for a little while, I was unsure whether this training would be helpful for me. Gary totally blew my mind with the possibilities available & how they can work for my business specifically. Loved it & highly recommend.


- 04/10/2016

We have been using Mail Chimp for around 9 months and although we have been getting the emails out, Gary has helped us put the smarts behind what we are doing.

He had a room full of varying skill levels and his training helped everyone from getting started to creating segments within lists and using the analytics.

We highly recommend his work.


- 09/12/2015

I had zero knowledge and confidence using Mail Chimp. After attending Gary's public workshop I have the confidence now to run campaigns, understand setting up lists, the issues with database management. Removed all the worries about using the program.

More importantly Gary could give insights into business issues and how to resolve them with Mail Chimp. Excellent advise.

Informative and enjoyable, 100% worthwhile especially for SMEs and start ups. Great facilitator and ensured the whole class was happy and competent at the end of the session. Highly recommend his work.


- 08/06/2015

Gary was incredibly prompt and knowledgeable! Such great assistance! Thank you


- 07/22/2015

What a service! Thoroughly professional. No time was the 'wrong time' for Gary, be it day or night - which is in itself is an impressive commitment. We now have a smart and squeaky clean list to go out with. Gary's service is thoroughly recommended - don't think twice, use it!


- 05/19/2015

Gary was prompt and professional, and his attention to detail was impressive. We appreciated that he was enthusiastic to help our small business - not just the big guys...and wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.


- 04/09/2015

Could not be happier to leave a review for Gary and the help he offered me as seldom and sadly in this day and age do you come across someone as professional and helpful and Gary.
Quite simply ... dont think twice about asking Gary for help for all your MailChimp queries ... he is an expert .... he is professional .... he is friendly and IMO he is great value as well. Thanks again Gary and was a pleasure meeting / using your services.


- 03/04/2015

Gary saved the day!

He responded promptly to my cry for help! He is quite knowledgeable and gifted on the in's and out's of Mail Chimp and email campaigns and he is a pleasure to work with!

I highly recommend him! He will make your efforts count!


- 01/09/2015

If you have an issue with MailChimp, DON'T WAIT - contact Gary immediately.

I contacted him after messing around, trying to figure things out myself for over 4 months. Yes, FOUR MONTHS. Finally, frustrated beyond belief, I emailed Gary and not only did he email me swiftly back, but he had my account cleared up and running within a day.

DO NOT WAIT: hire him already. I'm just kicking myself for not contacting him earlier.


- 11/25/2014

We had trouble formatting our Mailchimp templates to how we wanted them to look on different devices. We spent days trying to fix it ourselves. It took Gary no less than 20 minutes to fix it up.

Excellent service and a very easy to deal with.

Highly recommended.


- 08/22/2014

I contacted Gary to do some work on integration of Mailchimp with Magento. He quoted immediately, and started work within a day. I was constantly updated by email with progress of the work, which was completed to my total satisfaction. Highly recommendable company.


- 07/31/2014

Gary Eckstein of Organic Web handles all of my clients' WordPress websites, MailChimp integrations and SEO. He's my one-stop expert for all web-related technical and social requirements. Working with him is such a pleasure. He is efficient, very knowledgeable and provides excellent support.

Don't waste time looking anywhere else - contact Gary today, you won't be disappointed.

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